Follow these tips to ensure maximum savings on credit card usage

A credit card is a highly utilitarian financial product, which offers several benefits to holders. While they are mostly used as short-term loan devices, a credit card can also improve your savings. Through their reward point system, credit cards enable users to avail attractive cashbacks and discounts.

Before undertaking the bajaj credit card application form process, one needs to consider the following factors to ensure optimal savings.

Purpose of the card – Studying your expenses should help you understand how you tend to spend your money. For instance, if you are a frequent traveller, you would require a card that offers maximum reward points on flight or hotel bookings.

Using reward points effectively – Keep in mind that reward points come with a validity date attached to them. If you fail to redeem such points within this deadline, the benefits are lost forever.

Welcome bonus point earnings – Opting for a card that provides a significant amount of reward points as joining bonus is an easy way to ensure considerable savings. For instance, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is a credit card where one can earn up to 20000 “welcome bonus” points on availing it.

Take advantage of promotional offers – Keep an eye on the promotional offers provided by your credit card issuing company at all times. The NBFC may collaborate with a certain brand or chain to run exciting discounts on their products or services.

Look for interest-free cash withdrawal – Individuals can withdraw cash using their credit card without having to worry about interest payments, in some cases. These cards offer a limited period during which one can withdraw the cash and repay the same without incurring any interest charges for the said transaction.

With these pointers in mind, individuals can maximise their savings on credit card usage and consequently optimise the benefits availed.


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