How to get an instant credit card?

With the advancement of technology, instant credit card online have become more popular among the general populace. These cards play a crucial role in addressing immediate fund requirements. However, before opting for this solution, individuals need to know how to acquire this financial product without hassle.

For more convenience, individuals first should know about the eligibility that financial institutions set before issuing instant credit card online. These include meeting requirements like, possessing a primary credit card in physical form, having internet banking facility on their devices, and a credit score of 750 or above. Moreover, non-credit cardholders can also acquire this card against their accounts or debit cards.

If the eligibility is satisfied, individuals can contact the issuer to avail this credit card online.

The benefits of this credit card include

I. Since it is available virtually, the risk of theft and misplacement are minimal.
II. The unused balance of the card is transferred to a primary credit card.
III. Issuers extend this card without charges to the eligible candidates.

Individuals also can choose Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard that comes with an instant approval facility. Moreover, this card also offers a host of benefits that can be a great alternative to an instant credit card.


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