What Do you Mean By The Billing Cycle

To sum it up, a billing cycle is the time period between one credit card bill to the next. All transactions done through the card in this period reflect in the next credit card statement. Not complying with the billing cycle norms can negatively impact the cardholder’s credit score. Hence, it’s best to avoid making late payments, missing your payments, making partial payments and paying … Continue reading What Do you Mean By The Billing Cycle

Best Corporate credit card in India 2021

There is no one aspect that should govern your decision for choosing a credit card. A number of factors like your credit score, spending patterns and the credit card’s APR should be taken into account. Then you can choose from the various credit cards offered by different financial institutions. The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, for instance, is one of the best credit cards in … Continue reading Best Corporate credit card in India 2021

Know About The Process of GST Registration in India

The Indian Government introduced GST, also known as Good and Services Tax, on July 1st 2017, passed on March 29th in the same year in the Indian Parliament. It is a tax imposed on goods and services that replaced several other indirect taxes prevalent in India. Presently, GST registration has become mandatory for businesses with a yearly turnover of Rs.40 lakh and above and in … Continue reading Know About The Process of GST Registration in India

Best Credit Cards In India

We have covered the best corporate credit cards in India as of 2021. This list includes the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Super Card, Axis Bank Corporate Credit Card,  ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card,  Kotak Corporate Gold Credit Card, Citibank Corporate Credit Card, SBI Air India Signature Credit Card and HDFC Infinia Credit Card. Each of these has been listed here for fulfilling different corporate credit needs, … Continue reading Best Credit Cards In India

Best Corporate Credit Cards In India

The process by which you use a balance transfer credit card to relieve you of your debt is quite straightforward. Balance transfer credit cards enable you to transfer the balance from one credit card to another, and the credit card the balance is transferred to offers attractive interest rates, rewards, and other perks. One of the best balance transfer credit cards you can choose today … Continue reading Best Corporate Credit Cards In India

Which Is Better—a Debit Card Or a Credit Card?

The answer depends entirely on which type of consumer you are. It is normally recommended that only those individuals that are financially responsible should opt for a credit card.  This is because credit cards do require a greater degree of maintenance and timely payments being made. Credit cards generally come with higher reward structures (discounts, cashbacks and reward points) that compensate for all the monitoring … Continue reading Which Is Better—a Debit Card Or a Credit Card?

How To Apply For a Credit Card To Avail Attractive deals

Thus, one can very conveniently apply for a credit card and transform the way one entails payments and transactions. First and foremost, choose the credit card that will deliver as per your requirements. Then, satisfy some basic benchmarks set by the banks. Enter your details in the application form, and submit the associated documents. If the bank gets appeased with all the details and documents … Continue reading How To Apply For a Credit Card To Avail Attractive deals

Ultimate Guide On Credit Cards,

We have provided you with the ultimate guide on credit cards, debits cards and their distinctions. Many newbies to the realm of finance get confused between both these plastic cards and hence, we explain, in as much depth as possible, how they are different from each other. From explaining the nuances, to the different types of credit cards available, this guide will teach you everything … Continue reading Ultimate Guide On Credit Cards,

Importance of CIBIL Score.

Your CIBIL score has the power to influence your chances of procuring future loans. With a bad credit score, purchasing your dream house and procuring more credit, amongst other things, can become a lot more difficult. Hence, in this article, we have explained how you can improve your credit card CIBIL score. This can be done by altering your credit limit, having a healthy credit … Continue reading Importance of CIBIL Score.

Must Know About The Credit Card Charges

While attaining a credit card is simple these days, and it’s clear that it affords people an easy way to buy essentials, bringing a convenient line of credit, it is equally important to know about charges, like interest rates. Defaults on payments of bills incur interest which is charged on a daily basis (but card issuers will give you monthly figures) with 18% GST added … Continue reading Must Know About The Credit Card Charges