The importance of credit cards – Here’s what you can benefit from

Credit cards can be considered as a go-to financial tool for everyday life, helping you finance your daily expenses, purchases, emergency cash needs, and so on. Funding needs can sometimes also surpass your existing budget, which can be easily met with a credit card in place.

By using the card responsibly, a user can make the most out of it. Other than credit access, these cards also come with added perks.

Here’s a look at some of the advantages of using these cards:

Card users, especially young users, can utilise the card tactfully to build a reliable credit score and history. Paying the monthly bills in time and utilising not more than 30% of the credit helps with credit score improvement.

Some cards come with robust security assurance to protect users from cyber frauds and other financial threats.
Savings up to Rs.55,000 can be made annually by using the card wisely, and utilising the reward programs that accompany such as cashbacks and discounts.

You can also avail a period up to 50 days with zero interest charge on cash withdrawals from ATMs.

Card providers extend welcome bonuses of up to 20,000 reward points and other benefits throughout the year, which is credited to your account.

You can opt for easy EMIs to pay for big-ticket purchases by using your credit card.

Users can further multiply the benefits by choosing the right card for themselves. Note that cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard bring along some of the best features on these payment tools.

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