A Brief Idea on Skill India Scheme

With the aim of adding 40 crore trained professionals to the country’s workforce by 2022, the Government of India launched the skill India campaign. The objective of this campaign is to train Indians and prepare them for a job as well as promote entrepreneurship.


  • Job focused training.
  • Industry-standard courses and trained by industry professionals.
  • Custom made training programs to overcome the linguistics barriers with the help of local associates.
  • A network of 450 affiliates and 38 Sector Skill Councils spread all over the country.

Students can easily do their skill India registration by logging into the official website of NSDC, or they contact any affiliate centre and register for the course they want.

Now, let’s take a look at the courses offered under this skill India scheme.

Vocational training courses: Repairing electronic products like AC, refrigerator, water cooler etc. Different basic and advanced computer courses, cutting and polishing glass, making bakery products, catering and food supply, lens grinding, etc.

Management courses: Human resource programs, different cost-effective programs, business development, building competency, delaying payments to MSMEs, etc.

Miscellaneous: Promotion of micro-enterprises, financing and management of CFCs, risk management of SHGs, different orientation programs, etc.

Apart from training individuals, an important goal of this campaign is to promote entrepreneurship. Apart from creating their own business, interested individuals can also become affiliates of this program, open training centres and create skill India jobs.

Interested Indians can avail a loan against property if they are short of initial funds to open their own business or open a training centre. Either way, this scheme has created opportunities for Indians to earn a living.

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