Skill India

What Is Skill India Programme & Its Benefits?

The Skill India initiative was taken up by the government of India right after the “digital India” campaign. The main objective behind this mission coming into force is that to produce new opportunities for the youth of the country. The goal is to provide skill development training to the individuals that is relevant for the industry and would be beneficial for the growth of the country. 

Features Of Skill India Programme

  • The training modules are set according to the age and needs of the candidates to promote healthy and positive way of thinking. Communication skills, personality development skills and behavioural skills are some of the methodologies employed to increase the hidden potential of the youth and help them avail good opportunities.
  • The advanced skill development program is conducted to ensure the youth of the nation obtains a rank and file. The Skill India scheme has employed methodologies that are need of an hour for the betterment of the employment conditions of our country. 
  • The training procedures are set in such a way that would analyse the capabilities of a candidate and channel them according to their domain of interest. 
  • The Skill India jobs cover all types of profession. Candidates would be provided with assistance and support so that they can ace in their respective fields.

The Skill India campaign is applicable for both students who have prior educational conditioning and to the school/college dropouts.

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Individuals can utilise these skills to avail lucrative employment opportunities or establish their own business. They can opt for a loan against property to avail funds and finance the latter.


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