Skill India

What Is Skill India Mission And How It Is Beneficial For Youth?

Skill India is a government campaign launched on 15th July 2015 to train more than 40 Crore youth in different industrial and entrepreneurial skills by 2022. The initiative is taken to promote industrialisation and develop the economy of India.

As per this new initiative taken by the government of India, several ministries work together toward the greater objective of training youth with different skills. Skill India scheme recognises the value of skill development and avail certification programmes for college dropouts and unemployed individuals.

How Is It Beneficial? 

  • The industrial and entrepreneurial training to youth and others are likely to improve employment conditions in the country. 
  • The productivity of an organisation will improve along with the knowledge. 
  • Skill India Mission provides technical and financial aid to the youth on various core and other sectors, ensuring balanced growth in all sectors. 
  • A training program catering to the international standards for people residing in rural parts of India was proposed. 
  • Individuals can receive training in the areas of communication, management, behavioural, and troubleshooting, entrepreneurial and social skills.
  • Those undergoing skill training program do not have to pay any fee as government bears the expense. 

Candidates are expected to secure Skill India jobs or put their entrepreneurial skills in use to establish their own business and create more job opportunities in the country. Subsequently, individuals in need of capital investment for their business can avail a loan against property from leading NBFCs.

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One can complete the Skill India registration by logging in to the official portal and enrol for the course they want training.


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