Which are the Best Things About Medical Tourism in India?

As per a report from the Ministry of Tourism, by 2020, medical tourism in India is expected to grow by 200%. It also means that in a couple of months, the medical tourism industry of the country may hit the $9 billion mark.

Besides the growth in GDP, the acclamation received by our country worldwide also highlights the importance of medical tourism in India. 

Here is a list of things that are deemed to be the best about Medical Tourism –

  • Quality treatment: The medical industry of India extends modern treatment facilities, offers premium quality medication and provides medical assistance of reputed health practitioners and professionals. 
  • Affordable charges: Medical tourism in India offers global standard healthcare treatments at affordable price points. Including medical tourism hotspots such as Thailand, SIngapore, and Vietnam, India forms the South-East Asian belt of the world’s medical tourism hub.
  • Relaxed Visa policies: Individuals applying for medical visa find the process to be quick and hassle-free. Several visa rules and policies have been modified to encourage more individuals to seek treatment in India. Additionally, the relaxed terms of accommodation allows individuals to make the most of treatment and analyse their improvement.
  • Alternative treatment options: India also offers several alternative forms of treatment. Such treatments include several individuals extensively avail Ayurveda, yoga, homoeopathy, Unani and Siddha.

Besides these, an affordable cost of living is another potent factor. However, individuals should take into account a doctor’s guide on medical tourism. Medical tourism is among the fastest growing sectors in Indian healthcare. If you have an existing healthcare setup, upgrade it with the help of financial products such as a loan for doctors to make your mark in the medical tourism sector of India.


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