Should I have a credit card in India?

It is good to have a credit card in India due to the ease of use and convenient repayment options. The best credit card in India offers discounts, offers, and deals unlike any other financial product and is a bonanza for smart consumers. Credit cards can turn into debt traps if you don’t use them properly or spend more than you can afford to repay. It is always good to have a credit card if you can properly use it smartly. 

Credit cards offer easy access to credit, which is their main advantage. Cardholders can defer payments, which means they can use their card now and pay for their purchases later. Money does not leave your account every time you swipe, so your bank balance does not get drained.

With the best credit card in India, you can build up a line of credit. Banks can view your credit history based on your repayments and your card usage. Your credit card usage is often used to gauge your creditworthiness by banks and financial institutions, which makes it crucial to your future loan or rental application.

With your credit card statement, you will receive a detailed list of each purchase made with your card. The information can determine and track your purchases, which is useful when putting together a budget or filing taxes. The lender will also send you an instant alert each time you swipe your card, detailing how much credit is still available and how much is still owed. So it is good to have a credit card in India if you know how to use it wisely.

You can opt for the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, which is one of the best cards in the market in terms of card benefits and features.


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