How Can You Manage Your Working Capital in India?

Working capital forms the core of any venture, which is why working capital management is of utmost importance from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Owing to the difficulties posed by the pandemic, it is but natural for business ventures to apply for a working capital loan in order to bridge the gap between assets and liabilities. However, this also calls for ensuring that the funds are effectively utilised for the betterment of the venture in terms of growth, progress and positive financial health. 

A good way to improve your working capital entails paying close attention to various metrics at different stages. While some metrics can be looked at once in a few months, others, such as the debt to equity ratio, need to be monitored more frequently, like once in two weeks or in a month. Inventory is another aspect that entrepreneurs must be vigilant toward, and steps should be taken to avoid overstocking at any point in time. Ventures that use automated systems have been found as being more efficient not just in terms of keeping track of receivables and payables but also to minimize errors. 

To achieve efficiency in achieving working capital management, the entrepreneur must ensure the availability of sufficient funds at all times. Availing of a working capital loan solves this problem to a great extent, and another option entails seeking financial aid from alternative lenders by convincing them of the viability of your venture. Preferably, the amount of working capital in the venture should be optimal as opposed to being too high or too low. 

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