Know the different credit card schemes available for Indian citizens

Indian citizens are starting to rely more on credit cards to conduct day-to-day purchases. Consequently, credit card companies are also offering different types of credit card to complement various spending habits. Some of them are as follows.

  • Student credit cards – These are customized cards for individuals in colleges and universities. Opting for these cards will enable them to meet all their daily expenses and build a reliable credit history. Students can easily qualify for these Student credit cards as they come with simple eligibility, minimal documentation, and low joining fees.
  • Kisan credit cards (KCC) – Under the KCC scheme, individuals working in the agricultural sector can easily opt for credit at low interest to meet a variety of financial requirements. It includes harvesting and marketing expenses, investing in farming machinery, animal husbandry, poultry and fisheries, as well as private consumption. One can apply online or offline via any of the authorized banks to avail a kisan credit card.

Other credit card types include the likes of – 

  • Fuel credit cards – Individuals who use their vehicle for everyday commute can consider opting for a fuel credit card to save on monthly fuel expenses.
  • Shopping credit cards – One can also opt for a shopping credit card, which comes with lucrative reward programs to earn points with every purchase. While opting for a card like this, one should also know about things to do with his/her credit card reward points.

Apart from these, one can also consider opting for credit cards like the SuperCard, which offer features like interest-free cash withdrawal from ATM, EMI conversion, etc. However, one must only avail a credit card after assessing their repayment capability.


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