Card payment via EMI on shopping sites vs. paying credit card dues via EMI – How does it differs from each other?

The constant push for cashless transactions has led to a massive growth in credit card user base in India. Indian market is now primarily dominated by several types of credit cards such as shopping credit cards, fuel credit cards and others. However, it is not only the variety that attracts the pool of cardholders; several other benefits are also there, for example, EMI facility on bill payment. 

  • Primarily, there are two major types of EMI facility that a standard credit card offers. Firstly, the payment of the transacted amount via EMI on the merchant’s e-portal instantly. It is also known as a merchant EMI facility. Availing this facility, you can instantly convert the transacted amount into affordable EMIs. 
  • In the second option, you can pay the credit card due post-transaction via net-banking. Here the issuer will also charge a processing fee on the amount transacted. However, you will have to pay that fee within the next due date. In this scenario, your credit limit will be reduced equalling the amount yet to be paid as EMIs. Similarly, whenever you pay the EMIs, issuers increase the credit limit accordingly. 
  • In both cases, an interest component is included, which varies with different issuers. Thus, as a cardholder, you should compare the rates with other issuers as well. 

Timely repayment is one of the most crucial parts of possessing a credit card. Nonetheless, by availing a Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, you can also do credit card bill payment via any methods of your choice like NEFT, net banking, NACH facility, cash, cheque and others. 

You can download the Bajaj Finserv app and apply for credit card.


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