Things To Consider Before Choosing A Destination Wedding Location

The Indian wedding market is one of the largest in the world with market size of $50 billion, and rightfully so. India has had a long history of opulent weddings. With more than half of India’s population under the age of 30, the wedding industry is set to grow at a CAGR of 25%-30%. 

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Destination Wedding Location

To make the process of choosing a location for your destination wedding simpler, defer to the list of factors listed below –

  1. Priorities: Make a list of both yours and your finance preferences and check it against the locations you have in mind. It will help you to check the wedding in the right spirit, also you can check for destination wedding cost purpose. At the same time consider your guests’ convenience in reaching the shortlisted location(s).
  2. Budget: Consider your budget or make a rough analysis of the same once you have a few locations in mind. Navigate through the internet to see costs pertinent to such destinations. In case you feel tied by budget to pursue your desired destination, you can choose to take a loan against property to facilitate the cost.

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  1. Time: You need to decide on which period of the year you want to hold your wedding on. Based on that, consider which location(s) will ideally meet your requirements and preferences.
  2. Wedding Planner: On the account of a destination wedding, the employment of a planner becomes inevitable. In foreign lands, neither you nor your family members are well accustomed to the specific place to deftly execute a nuptial ceremony. Consequently, inform yourself of expenses relating to a planner in your chosen location and whether they include services like bridal makeup packages, dining, etc. Know these tips to buy jewelry for brides on a budget and save substantially to easily accommodate the best bridal makeup package for the bride.
  3. Hotel expenses: Lodging consumes a significant portion of your total nuptial expense. Thereby, conduct thorough research regarding hotels, resorts, and villas in your chosen location(s) to closely estimate which place would suit your budget.
  4. Venue: Once everything else is settled and you have pinned on a particular destination, you should decide on the venue for your wedding.

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