Provide Skill India Training Courses Through Your Centre and Take Part in Nation’s Progress

The Government of India in 2015 launched Skill India Mission to provide vocational training to the youths of this country and improve their employability. This scheme aims to train over 40 crore Indian by the year 2022. 

Skill India training courses include training programs from the following industries –

  • Information technology.
  • Banking and finance.
  • Retail.
  • Telecom.
  • Manufacturing.

Skill India mission has an exhaustive training partner network spread throughout the country. This network comprises 38 SSCs (Sector Skill Councils) and more than 450 affiliates. However, to become a part of this vast network, you have to fulfil specific terms and conditions set by the government.

You can be a part of this mission through Skill India registration. For this, you need the following documents –

  • Registration certificate of your company.
  • Proof of your annual turnover for the past 3 years.
  • PAN of your company.
  • Address proof of your company’s registered office.

You can perform this registration process online via the official website of NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation.)

While filling up this registration form, you should be careful that the information you provide is correct. Once you are done, these details will be reviewed by the SMART (Skill Management and Accreditation of Training Centers.)Hence, if you want to be a part of skill development in India, you can apply to become an affiliate training provider. You can avail a loan against property to improve the existing infrastructure of your centre to qualify as an official training partner.


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