Top Universities and Colleges in the USA

Universities and educational institutes of the USA take pride in declaring themselves as the forefront of scientific research. Students from all corners of the world aspire to gain admission in any of the prestigious universities in the USA.

Top educational institutes in America

Students can select any one of these renowned institutes in the USA to pursue post-graduate programs as well as undergraduate courses –

  1. Harvard University

Located in Massachusetts, Harvard is the one of the oldest and most reputed universities in America. From engineering to music, this institute is known for its diverse courses. Harvard is also regarded as one of the best medical colleges in world.

  1. Princeton University

Princeton University is also considered as one of the top universities in USA for its scholarship program and research department. Situated in New Jersey, this university has a strict admission program with an acceptance rate of 6.5%. 

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Considered as a cornerstone for technology and innovation programs in the entire continent, MinIT is known to encourage pupils to design the course of study on their own. This university offers 58 minor and 53 major programs at undergraduate levels and has an acceptance rate of 7% with an average annual tuition of about $48,500.

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