A Short Guide on How to get your UAN Number from the Employer

Employees’ Provident Fund, an integral part of one’s retirement plan, plays an important role to give a perfect end to an employees’ career. Your EPF determines your retirement lump sum amount along with accrued interest if any. An employee should know how to check, generate & activate the UAN number to achieve his retirement goals in the most efficient way possible.

The UAN or Universal Account Number works as the single point ID for access and management. You must know how to get UAN number to best utilise your EPF account.

It is a 12-digit code used to check the history as well as the balance of your Provident Fund. The employee is aware of the employer’s contribution to this fund. An employee can contact the employer for the unique number, by way of salary slip.

You can use the provident fund number or the member ID to login to the EPFO portal on the web browser and enter the details required. Once you receive your UAN number, you need to activate it with the support of the OTP that you shall receive on your registered mobile number.

The documents required for the successful UAN activation are your ID proof, bank account details, PAN card, Aadhar card, Employees’ State Insurance Card (ESIC) and address proof. Legal formalities entail that you do not practice any fraudulent steps for personal gains/benefits at the expense of your co-workers. EPFO fulfils Employees’ requirements along with the Ministry of Labour and Employment. An employee should not disclose his credentials to anyone except to authorised personnel. The right concentration of the retirement plans would determine your retiral life happiness.

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