Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in India

From April 2017 onwards, the Start-up India Programme has offered loans from Rs.10 lakh to Rs.1 crore to women entrepreneurs. Furthermore, as per the National Sample Organisation’s survey, 79% of women-led businesses are self-financed. This growth and demand for female entrepreneurship is an inspiration for other women looking forward to making career advancement.

However, aspiring women entrepreneurs should conduct proper research and find out business ideas as a first step. In this section, one will find 6 business ideas that can help women utilise their skills and become financially independent. Some of the business ideas are:

  1. Fashion designer.
  2. E-commerce store. 
  3. Catering or bakery business. 
  4. E-tuition classes. 
  5. Freelance writing. 
  6. Dietician or nutritionist. 

Apart from gaining these ideas, aspiring women entrepreneurs should know ways to fund their business expenses. One such financial instrument is a business loan. These unsecured loans offer a range of benefits that helps a women entrepreneur upscale their business. 

Further, a loan for women entrepreneur in India does not require any collateral. Its easy-to-meet eligibility and minimum paperwork make the loan processing comparatively quicker. 

Therefore, whether a woman plans to start their online jewellery or food delivery business, the right financial option can go a long way and boost the respective businesses. 


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