Top Benefits of A Loan for Chartered Accountants in India

When it comes to financing for professionals like CAs, options like loans for chartered accountants are among the best bet due to the various customised benefits they offer. These advances are available as both professional and personal funding, allowing CAs to seek loans as per their requirements and when needed.

When availing of a loan for CA, knowing the available benefits beforehand can go a long way in ensuring that the borrower reaps the advantages. As these professional loans are well-segmented based on utility, one can choose from personal loans, business loans, and loans against property to meet his/her financing need. Eligible candidates can avail of high-value financing of up to Rs.50 lakh as secured advances, which include loans against property. In the case of unsecured funding like personal loans and business loans, some of the best lenders provide financing of up to Rs.32 lakh to help fulfil big-ticket financing needs, both personal and professional.

In the case of repayment flexibility, extended tenor options only make this professional financing convenient. In the case of professional loans for chartered accountants  like business loans and personal loans, a borrower can conveniently repay the advance in easy EMIs with a tenor extension of up to 96 months when availing of funding from reputed lenders. In the case of secured loans, the flexibility can go up to 144 months, allowing one to repay the high-value financing with ease.

Lending institutions also extend the Flexi loan facility, which allows one to make multiple withdrawals and pay interest only on the used amount instead of the sanction value, making financing affordable. You can consider features like balance transfer facility along with competitive rates to maximize the benefits available.


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