Why Healthcare Financing has Become Crucial for Doctors?

The sharp popularity of telemedicine in India has made it mandatory for doctors to incorporate the same into their practice to gain a competitive edge in the field. However, setting up a telemedicine unit on average costs around Rs.25 lakh to Rs.35 lakh. Above all, medical professionals have several other expenses that mandate an increase in cash flow.

To remedy the situation, professionals often apply for a healthcare finance option to cater to the burgeoning costs. Below are a few ways in which such a funding option comes in handy for medical practitioners from time to time –

  • Access to substantial funds to start a new practice.
  • Open a new medical clinic or expand the current one.
  • Purchasing the latest tech and tool of diagnosis.
  • Upgrading diagnostics software and repairing faulty ones.
  • Appointing a highly qualified team of professionals and technicians.
  • Increasing working capital and boosting cash flow.

Nonetheless, to maximize the benefits of a funding option like a loan for doctors, professionals should look for a financier who extends a high loan value without any collateral and at competitive rates. They should also find out about the hidden charges, flexibility of repayment terms and promptness of the disbursal process. For any query, contact bajaj finserv loan number.


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