Top 4 perks of paying credit card bills early

The RBI’s latest data suggests that as much as Rs.1 lakh crore credit card loan is subject to risk. As a result, it can be expected that financial institutions will become more stringent with credit card approvals and dealing with defaults.

Nevertheless, by paying credit card dues earlier, cardholders can protect themselves against several repercussions and enjoy many benefits. For example, early RBL credit card payments help improve one’s CIBIL score.

These pointers below highlight the significant benefits of paying credit card bills before the due date –

  • It comes in handy to free line of credit, and resultantly increases users’ purchasing power significantly. 
  • Paying bills early helps to lower accompanying interest burden, especially when the credit card provider factors in the low average balance.
  • It proves most useful in improving credit score by helping to maintain a low credit utilisation ratio.
  • Paying off high-end purchases before the due date facilitates better budgeting. However, it can be more effective if users are cautious in budgeting their purchases made during a billing cycle. 

You must note that the ideal time to pay credit card bills is usually before the due date. Furthermore, if a card user tends to carry forward balance into the next billing cycle, he/she must pay an extra amount to lower the accompanying interest burden. Generally, the charges accompanying Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard are reasonable, which in addition to the flexible payment options help users to manage bills better.

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