All to Know About Skill India Courses

The Government of India has been taking initiatives towards economic upliftment via a two-pronged approach, i.e., financial as well as skill enhancement. While the financial initiatives expand across measures, skill improvement primarily involves helping develop business prowess and expertise alongside employability through Skill India courses.

Primary components of courses under the Skill India Mission

Imparted via various schemes, the courses under Skill India can be segregated into five broad categories.

  1. Programs for entrepreneurship development.
  2. Programs for management and development.
  3. Courses for skill development.
  4. Trainers’ training programs.
  5. Courses for the development of other skills.

List of schemes launched under the Skill India Mission

The schemes launched under this mission include the following.

  • PMKVY or Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana.
  • SANKALP or Skill Acquisition or Knowledge Awareness for Livelihood Promotion.
  • STAR or Standard Training Assessment and Rewards Scheme.
  • Schemes to vocationalise education.
  • Polytechnic schemes.

One can choose from the list of Skill India courses offered under these schemes and enhance their employability. It also enables one to start an entrepreneurial venture.

As for the Skill India courses offered through various schemes, already 3.16 lakh placements have been facilitated under the PMKVY. These schemes have been painting many success stories through streamlined implementation and quality checks.


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