What is the Approximate Cost of Pursuing an MS Degree in the USA?

The need for better quality education has become the primary requirement across India, especially amongst its younger populace. Despite the increasing cost of studying in the top colleges in the world, a substantial number of students travel overseas every year to pursue higher studies.

Premier universities in the USA are popularly considered by Indian students. Pursuing an MS degree in the USA can cost anywhere between Rs.40 lakh to Rs.60 lakh, depending on the discipline, campus, and associated costs incurred during the course.

Students are likely to face several other additional expenses as well, including tuition fees, accommodation, transport, living expenses, etc. Despite the fact that some of the top colleges in the world offer scholarship programs, applicants are likely to face the stipulated expense during their foreign stay.

Thankfully, the availability of credits like loans against property for education has significantly reduced the financial strain one is likely to face during their studies. These credits are secured advances, which ensure a large disbursed sum and flexible repayment tenor as well as affordable rates of interest.

Education loans offered by various financial institutions help tackle the increasing cost of higher studies, while ensuring easy and timely repayment of the total debt.

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