Best Trends Suggested by Bridal Makeup Artists of 2020

There are quite a few prevalent trends which are suggested by contemporary bridal makeup artists. Some of these are listed below –

Airbrush makeup: Unlike conventional makeups, this type uses an airbrush to apply the makeup, which lasts for hours. This ensures a smooth and flawless texture over the skin.

Matte makeup: This makeup option offers several hues and shades, allowing brides to match the jewellery of their choice with their appearance.

HD makeup: Most commonly used by TV actors and newspersons, this makeup is now quite common in bridal packages. It lasts for hours and is quite light along with the advantage of not creasing.

Natural makeup: A light makeup, this includes a subtle base which gives an impression as if the bride is without any artificial touch.

Shimmer makeup: While makeup as well as jewellery are vital parts of the wedding planning checklist, any bride cutting down on old-fashioned jewellery can go for this option. Offering metal colours and shades, it makes a bride look glittery and shining.

Smoky makeup: A comparatively less used option by brides, this makeup primarily focuses on the eyes by making them distinct and bold.

It is advisable to hire one of the best bridal makeup artists to get the best results. In case the overall expense goes beyond budget, brides can consider availing a loan against property for wedding to cover vital expenses like makeup, jewelry, etc.


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