Success and impact of the Skill India Programme

The newly formed Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship had taken up the task to boost skill development through the Skill India Mission. This included honing skills of the urban as well as rural youth, in a way to make for employment opportunities. 

It aims at bridging the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower, facilitating vocational and technical training, building new skills, recognising experience and prior learning, etc.

As of now, although the Skill India scheme has managed to bring improvement in skill training facilities, it is yet to accomplish the intended results. The earlier target of training 150 million people by 2022 was raised to a more challenging target of training 400 million people by 2022.

How effective is the Skill India project till now?

The youth have a great opportunity of enhancing employment chances by enrolling under the Skill India courses. However, the effectiveness and success of this program is something to ponder on.

According to the reports of the Indian Express, only 2.9 lakh people among 30.67 lakh people (who were trained or undergoing training under this programme) have enjoyed placement offers. The government, however, has plans to revive the scheme and bring about better results.

A part of the population might also be deprived of the scheme because of not meeting the eligibility criteria or other factors. Such people could avail training facilities by borrowing funds from financial institutions. Among all other alternatives, a loan against property can assure the maximum sum.

Talent and skill present in young individuals must not go in vain. Both government, as well as individual effort, is required to channelise the skills in the proper direction.

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