Wedding Planning Checklist

A Guide To Wedding Planning Checklist For Indians

The grandeur and opulence of Indian weddings can be seldom seen anywhere else in the world. Consequently, Indians spend a huge amount on such ceremonies; nearly Rs. 3 billion was spent on wedding ceremonies in the Financial Year 2018 – 19 alone.

From that place, it is quintessential that individuals employ considerable thought to the event and plan every bit of such an event to its last detail in a wedding planning checklist.

How To Prepare A Wedding Checklist?

Here is a guide to a wedding to-do-planning checklist that you can refer to when forming your own –

  • Budget – Your first task when preparing a wedding checklist is to decide your budget. It should be based on your financial capability. In case you run short of finances, you can also avail a loan against property to facilitate wedding expenses. Such secured loans come with the lowest interest rates which can easily help you meet the required monetary requirements.
  • Theme – Once you are decided on the budget, think of a theme which best complements yours and your fiancé’s style and also fits in with the budget.
  • Venue – The venue should complement your decided theme. If you are planning on a destination wedding, consider the weather at your chosen dates and whether the location suits your budget well or not.
  • Guest List – Constitute the list of guests you want on your special day. If it is a destination wedding, consider your guests before deciding on a location and venue.
  • Shopping – Lastly, prepare a list of things you need to shop for the wedding, include the best bridal makeup packages to the attire of the bride and groom to have a complete idea about the expenses.

Regardless, executing such a large scale event requires substantial experience for the desired results. A loan against property can easily help you cover up such additional expenses.

However make sure to look into the charges on your loan against property prior to availing it. This ensures that your chosen advance does not attract unnecessary charges and pile up on the total cost of loan.


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