Here Is Your Complete Guide To The NTR Housing Scheme

The 3rd phase of the NTR housing witnessed the inauguration of approximately 4 Lakh houses that have been built around Andhra Pradesh. Beneficiaries have also started taking ownership of such properties across the state.

While the state government sanctioned construction of another 15.78 Lakh houses under this scheme.

Here is all you need to know about the NTR Housing Scheme in Andhra Pradesh –

Aim Of This Scheme: As a part of the PMAY scheme, the NTR housing also offers its beneficiaries with

  • Access to affordable housing options.
  • It also provides reconstruction options of existing houses.

Cost Of Houses Under NTR Schemes: Unit cost of houses are as follows –

  • 300 square feet: Rs. 5.62 Lakh
  • 430 square feet: Rs.7.71 lakh
  • 365 square feet: Rs.6.74 lakh

Documentation: Applicants should hold the following documents –

  • Address proof
  • Housing details
  • ID proof
  • Income proof
  • Bank details

Eligibility Criteria: Availing subsidised NTR housing loan requires one to meet the eligibility criteria of –

  • He/she should be a resident of Andhra Pradesh
  • Should be in possession of BPL card
  • Should not own any houses or land under any other government housing schemes.

The convenience offered by such housing scheme coupled with a subsidised interest rate makes it a suitable affair, even for individuals who want to avail home loans to purchase new residential properties.

These advances help sponsor the expenditure involved in purchasing a residential space.

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