Check Out Ways To Find A Name On The PM Awas Yojana List

The Indian government’s flagship programme, PMAY, aims to make affordable housing for all by 2020. Under this programme, the government allocated approximately Rs. 25,853 Crore in 2019. By February 2019, under PMAY total sanctioned number of houses reached 72.5 Lakh.

Considering the targeted applicants of this PMAY scheme, checking a name on the PM Awas Yojana list to find out beneficiaries has been kept convenient. 

Additionally, a diverse number of options have been provided to ensure the ease of accessibility for both Rural and Urban applicants apart from the general PMAY benefits –

  • Pmay-g List With Registration Number

Step 1: Visit the PMAY-Gramin official website

Step 2: Enter your registration number and click on ‘Submit’ to generate your status. 

  • Pmay-g List Without Registration Number

Step 1: Go to the official site of PMAY-Gramin

Step 2: Select

  • Block
  • Panchayat
  • State
  • District
  • Scheme name, etc.

After selecting, click on ‘submit’ tab. 

Step 3: Provide additional details, such as –

  • House site details
  • Bank account information
  • Personal details
  • Sanction and completion of houses, etc.

You can now view your application status from the PM Awas Yojana list.

  • Pmay Urban List Without Aadhaar Number

Step 1: Visit ‘Track Assessment Form’ at the official website of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme.

Step 2: Enter any of the below mentioned details

  • Contact number
  • Your name
  • Your father’s name

It will help you generate your beneficiary status on the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana list.

  • Pmay Urban List With Aadhaar Number

Step 1: Visit the official site of PMAY.

Step 2: Click on ‘Search Beneficiary’ tab. 

Step 3: Enter ‘Aadhaar number’ on the redirected page and select ‘submit’ option.

Step 4: Submit your required details and your application’s status will be displayed. 

Being listed as a beneficiary in the PMAY CLSS list ensures that you have access to affordable housing via a subsidised interest rate. It can be followed by availing PMAY compliant home loans that enable prospective homeowners to purchase their home at a lowered rate of interest.

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