Top 5 Bridal Makeup Packages To Look Out For This Wedding Season

Indian weddings are an extravagant affair. Apart from arranging a range of services, hiring a make-up artist for the bride comes as paramount importance.

top bridal makeup packages in India

So, here are the top bridal makeup packages in India that you can consider –

  1. HD Makeup: This involves high-definition finish leaving the bride’s skin flawless and stunning. However, this makeup package is quite expensive. So, you can fund this by availing a marriage loan against property and get the stunning camera-ideal look you always wanted.
  2. Shimmer Makeup: As the name implies, this is all about applying sparkly cosmetics. This includes glitters, metallic shades and can be applied on face, collar bones and shoulders to accentuate your features.
  3. Lip and Skin Makeup: It focuses on making your lips look bright yet natural and involve frequent touch-ups to produce the desired effect. The latter helps you to make your skin glow, look healthy and achieve a fresh look fo your auspicious day.
  4. Airbrush Makeup: Unlike traditional makeup items involving brushes, sponges, etc. this uses airbrush technique to disburse makeup evenly on the bride’s face. It is more effective and safe as well.
  5. Mineral Makeup:Among all bridal makeup packages, this is the only one to use chemical-free cosmetics. This is skin-friendly and recommended by dermatologists for brides who have skin conditions.

With these top bridal makeup packages and more, you can shine on your big day. And, if you need funds, avail an advance from leading lenders.

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