A Comprehensive Guide About Destination Wedding In India

A typical Indian wedding can go for five long days, with variety of different rituals performed on each day, followed by the main wedding events and then the reception party. Following the modern trend, the Indian culture is gradually absorbing the knick-knacks of the western culture.

wedding planning

So, apart from the traditional rituals, brides and grooms are now engaging themselves in pre-wedding parties and events like photoshoots, bachelor parties, and so on. With all these extra loads, there is a considerable pressure on your financial budget which can sometime become too much to handle.

This is why you have to take care about the wedding planning in a proper manner so that your dream wedding is not becoming a straining factor on your finances. And for that, here are some of the things that you can do.

For Destinatiin Wedding, Choose The Location Wisely

As a destination wedding cost can become too much to bear, it is best to plan beforehand. The venue must be such that your budget gives you the head up for a destination wedding. And if it is not possible, you have an option of theme wedding which is also a must-have trend in India.

Consult A Financer For Wedding Loan Against Property

If the budget is not at par with the wedding planning estimate, then it’s best to have a wedding loan against properly. These loans are specifically available to meet your wedding costs, which can sometime escalate to even crores.

Wedding Planner Should Be Aware Of The Market Costs

Whomever you are choosing as a wedding planner, he or she must be aware about how much finances you might have to depend with your wedding plans, be it the destination wedding cost or a theme wedding budget. It is also advised to prepare a wedding to do planning checklists for better management.

For Photoshoots, Choose An Affordable But Reputed Company

If your wedding cost is increasing because of photoshoots you have arranged before your wedding, then you can try on choosing a company who offers skilled photographer but at an affordable rate.

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