Tips To Apply For Topmost World Colleges And To Avail Education Loan

India is a growing and the awareness of Education is being spread all over country that is motivating students for finding good college, universities from over the world.

Around 7.5 lakh students from India are studying in various educational institutes and best colleges of the world, USA being the most favoured destination. Overseas education at leading and prominent educational institutes like those situated in USA and Britain will definitely improve your career prospects. But you should carefully evaluate the education programs as well as the educational institutes where you want to study.

Learn More about the Institution

Prominent educational institutes located overseas have substantial and prominent online presence, footprint and reputation as well. Go through the websites; learn more about the support staff, faculty, programs, achievements, accreditations and years of existence of the college. You may also like to look into expects like student to faculty ratio, placement programs, alumni, and fee (including the tuition fee).

Ranking Of The College

Apart from the accreditations, you may also try to find out more about the ranking of the college. There are various institutions and online websites that rank the colleges and institutions according to the quality of their programs, infrastructure and other aspects.

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Searching For The Right Loan Options

There are many kinds of education loan schemes offered by the government of India as well as private financial companies including Bajaj Finserv. You can make a careful selection for funding your abroad education and study in any of the best colleges of the world. Some of the prominent education loan schemes of the Government of India include:

  • Vidyalaxmi Scheme– for middle and lower income class students
  • Padho Pardesh Scheme– for the minorities
  • Dr. Ambedkar Central Sector Scheme of Interest Subsidy– for economically backward classes
  • Central Scheme of Interest Subsidy– for a professional course that a student from economically weaker section of the society wants to pursue

You can also choose an education loan offered by a reputed financial company like Bajaj Finserv for funding your overseas education program. The benefits here will include a hassle-free loan process, substantial loan amount, minimal documentation, and long loan repayment tenure.

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