How to Keep Away yourself from Dengue in this Monsoon?

Mosquito bites can be deadly. Our collective effort to stay healthy and safe is easily breakable with one mosquito bite.

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Dengue is one of the most dangerous ailments from mosquito bites.

There are a few ways to check if a person has Dengue:

– Sudden joint and muscle ache

– Body rash

– High fever and headache

– Vomiting

If two or more of these symptoms persist, you should visit a doctor immediately.

But there are Ways you can Prevent Dengue like safety tips and monsoon health insurance, here are few top safety ways for this problem:
1. Keep House Mosquito-free: Make sure to buy mosquito nets and repellents for your rooms. A child’s bed should always have a mosquito net over it. 

If there is a window which faces a water body that attracts mosquitoes, keep it close. 

Use mosquito repellant creams and patches on your children when they go out to play.
2. Sanitation: Make sure to keep your surroundings clean. Dirty surroundings attract all kind of germs which are harmful to your health. 

Cover up the open drains to keep mosquitoes at bay.  

Do not keep water in open containers around your house for too long. Dirty and open water sources are breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

3. Be ready Financially: Avail dengue insurance for yourself and your family.

With monsoon health insurance that covers diseases like dengue and other related to monsoon diseases, you can benefit from 2 lakh to 50 lakh rupees coverage alongside hospitalization benefits such as medication & doctor’s fee and free healthcare checkups. You must get Top Health Insurance Plans for you and your Loving Ones for better services in medical emergency.

There are, of course, free ambulance service during emergencies which can be availed to save money and life.

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