Which Are Some Of The Best Colleges In The World To Study Masters Degree

Studying masters at one of the renowned colleges in the world and the opportunity to learn from world-famous academicians is every student’s dream come true.

The field of tourism/hospitality in recent times have received a huge boost owing to its successful career opportunities worldwide.

If you too wish to study at best colleges in the world, here are a few of the best –

Princeton University: This is where personalities like John Nash and Jeff Bezos studied. With an annual cost of $47,500, it follows a rigorous selective procedure and has emerged as one of the best American universities to pursue undergraduate degree.

Yale University: Meryl Streep, Edward Norton and Jodie Foster are some of the celebrities who have studied here. Known for impeccable seminars and international study courses, Yale comes with a per-annum fee of $49,800.

Harvard University: Ranking within the top 10 medical colleges in world, Harvard offers diverse courses like medicine and music. Annual fees come up at around $63,025, reason why it is regarded as one of the most expensive education institutions globally. You may also find best biomedical science colleges in the world, if you are looking to study

Pursuing masters at such prestigious universities prove expensive as you can see from above. However, worry no more for you can avail a loan against property for education from financial organisations like Bajaj Finserv. Benefit from low interest rates and cover your living and tuition expenses with these LAP schemes.


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