How to Get Benefits of MHealth in India?

While India has a lot to do to improve its existing healthcare system, the growth in mobile communication has opened up scope for innovation. mHealth or mobile health has the potential to address challenges related to access, cost and quality of healthcare services in the country.

mhealth india

mHealth refers to the medical practice supported by mobile phones and wireless devices with this you can remain connected to your doctor from any part of the globe. Through mHealth you can reach out to doctors and caregivers anytime you need without having to visit them physically.

Also, you can connect with your physician in real time through mHealth. A potentially life-threatening condition can be identified early and doctors can prescribe the necessary medicines to alleviate the disease before it goes out of control.

From a doctor’s perspective, mHealth can help them relieve them of some stress by aiding them to record a patient’s history with minimal errors or any other type patient engagement. At the same time, it can automate a lot of paperwork, thus reducing wastage and cutting hospital supply cost.

Along with reducing clutter, patient data is stored in a safe and secured environment. mHealth also help doctors improve patient care through a clinical decision support tool that helps physicians deliver the best treatment plans.

Through an embedded clinical decision support application, doctors can get notified about a series of symptoms that they wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Such an application can also provide alerts in case a patient is allergic to any drug. This effectively leads to better patient care and improves profitability for doctors in the long run.

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