Top 4 Secure Investment Plans You Can Start with in India

Investing money is very important; you might have enough for today but someday you’ll have to struggle due to lack of sufficient money for survival. Your savings today is your income for tomorrow. If you understand the concern, find out fitting savings schemes and start investing money. The amount doesn’t matter, eventually your investment budget will grow and you’ll be able to invest more.

best saving schemes in India

Why should you invest in best saving schemes in India? here are few of good reasons given below:

  • You can use your savings to good use in the future
  • Investing in a profitable scheme can help you avail a form of income via ROIs
  • You can expect better growth of your money
  • Some small saving schemes such as the fixed deposit come with guaranteed returns and help you fulfill in goals for sure

Here are some small saving schemes including post-office term deposit will help you earn higher ROI.

  1. Company Fixed Deposit Scheme: Company Fixed Deposit refers to FD schemes offered by NBFCs. For instance, apart from banks there are certain non-banking institutions such as Bajaj Finance which offers FD. The interest rates are usually higher but the minimum investment amount is higher.
  2. Atal Pension Yojana: Atal Pension Yojana is a scheme by the Central Government for retired people. It is best for people belonging to EWS & LIG category.
  3. Post-Office Term Deposit: Next, Post-office Fixed Deposits are almost like regular FDs but come with a non-negotiable lock-in period.
  4. PPF: PPF is also known as Public Provident Fund and allows people to save a small amount every month and take regular payouts post-retirement. You must contact your bank for more details on ppd saving account.

Read all the terms and conditions before investing in top saving plans. Hope this will be helpful to you.

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