Remote Work, Business Ideas for Women in India

Women, in India, have now set their foot firm in the entrepreneurial world. While a full-time business becomes challenging for women amidst their other responsibilities, remote work business ideas for women are relatively less demanding in terms of risks, time and investment.

business ideas for women in India

Top Three business ideas for women in India at low investment, much in vogue today are:

1) Chatbot Maker

A chatbot is an AI that conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods designed for customer service and information acquisition. 80% of companies intend to have a chatbox by next year, per recent studies. One can go for both chatbot development and publishing. Surprisingly many platforms don’t require coding knowledge. This requires reading about chatbot functions, creating an account, finding companies who need this, and launch through publishing platforms. It requires low-cost and provides high value.

2) Content Writer

The simplest and effective way of earning. All you need is a laptop and the ability to create content. It comes up with varied areas depending on your skills and interests, asks for dedication and time. You may start with low income but with experience over time, it increases your earning potential. This kind of freelancing helps expand beyond economic levels.

3) Meal planner

It’s best for homemakers as it takes input as your passion, workplace as your home, and outputs a great income. Cooking and having a balanced diet with today’s busy schedule seems impossible for working class people. This can be changed by transforming your kitchen into a dietician cell. Being a meal planner requires you to create an online portal, provide recipes along with their nutritional values.

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