5 Essential Documents that you still Need to Link with the Aadhar Card

Prior to the announcement of the supreme court; it was mandatory to link all the important documents with Aadhar card before the. But even today, the central government insists on linking some vital documents with the Aadhar card to aid in the national economy. Here are five documents that have to be linked to the Aadhar card.

1. Voter ID

Linking voter ID to Aadhar strengthens the citizenship document and reduces the generation of fake voter ID.

2. Ration card

Linking Aadhar card with the ration card ensures that the resources which can be availed with a ration card are actually going to the befitted public. It also reduces the misuse of the ration card.

3. PAN card

PAN card is essential for tax purposes and any kind of bank transactions. Black money can be reduced in the economy if the PAN card is linked to Aadhar as the government can have a clear idea concerning the monetary transaction.

4. Ayushman Bharat

An Aadhar card is required to receive medical facility through Ayushman Bharat from the second visit. This avoids misuse of the medical card and ensures that others do not claim an individual’s benefits.  

5. Passport

Linking passports to the Aadhar card reduces fake passports which are responsible for the presence of international criminals.  

These are the vital documents that need to be linked with the Aadhar card. This can make it easier for individuals to avail the benefits given by the government and aid in a more transparent economy.

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