The Important Role Of Chartered Accountant In The Indian Economy

Late President Abdul Kalam first regarded Chartered accountants as partners in nation building. They share their knowledge and expertise to develop the Indian economy from the grass root level. The role of Chartered Accountant extends from advising companies on tips to manage their expenses to help government authorities in critical financial decisions.

role of chartered accountant

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is responsible to guide aspirants through CA articleship and to draft rules and regulations on audits and accountancies. These responsibilities fall on the practising CAs who function as independent consultants or for various companies and business firms. They are also responsible to inform the populace about the financial condition of the country and predict an upcoming financial crisis of any sort.

A large number of Chartered Accountants work as tax accountants and auditors whereas many works as economic advisors and financial planners. CA loan helps experienced chartered accountants to start their own CA (Chartered Accountant) firm if they need finance.

It is one of the redefining roles of Chartered Accountants which have become very popular in the last few years. These individuals operate alongside companies to help them manage their working capital, boost their revenues and evaluate any significant business decision or company acquiring.

CA’s play an important role in drafting and managing financial policies, helping businesses to grow with optimal financial management. This, in turn, helps increase GDP and fuel the economic growth on a national scale.

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