Important Documents Which Are Imperative to be Linked with your Aadhar Card

Irrespective of whether we like it not, there are still some documents which need to be linked with the Aadhar Card. This has been been insisted upon by the Central Government to ensure uninterrupted services. Some of these documents which need to be linked with the Aadhar Card are as follows –

PAN Card – This is one of the most important pieces of document which is required for tax purposes. For any kind of financial transactions including purchases made at a jewellery store PAN Card is needed. Linking PAN Card with Aadhar card is imperative so that the Government can track the monetary transactions of individuals and gradually reduce the existence of black money.

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Voter ID – Voter ID is a crucial document which establishes our identity by offering us a proof of our citizenship. Linking of the Voter ID with the Aadhar Card makes the document stronger owing to the biometric details which are incorporated. Doing so also reduces the chances of fake votes as the practice has become rather rampant in recent times.

Passport – Terrorists are increasingly making use of fake passports and raising the number of crimes which take place. Linking passports with Aadhar Card makes the security of our country more robust and the generation of fake passports reduces considerably.


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