3 Ways to Check Your EPF Balance Online

EPF – Employees Provident Fund is an investment scheme which allows employees employed by public sector (state and central government) and private sectors to save a part of their salary every month.

check EPF balance

The only advantage of investing in PF is, the employer contributes an equal amount to the savings account. Moving on, since everyone has different financial goals to achieve with their investments, knowing the balance becomes an inevitable need. UAN number is very important to check EPF balance online. Thus, below are some ways to check EPF balance online.

  1. Using Umang App

The first way to check EPF balance online is through Umang app. Umang app provides access to various government services such as (1) viewing EPF Passbook, (2) raise claim and even track them, and (3) check your EPF balance. However, to get started you have to complete a one-time registration using your mobile number.

  1. Using the EPFO portal

As a EPF account holder you can also use the EPFO portal to check your EPF balance. To view the PF passbook on the portal you need to have your account tagged with your Universal Account Number. Once that’s done, you can directly go to https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login.jsp to access your EPF passbook

  1. By using the EPFO app

You can also use the EPFO app to check your EPF balance. You can download the m-sewa app of EPFO from Google Play Store or iOS platform. Once the app is downloaded, click on ‘Member’ and then on ‘Balance/passbook’. Thereafter, enter your UAN and registered mobile number to find out your EPF balance.

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